Quality Products Make a Difference

The quality of the products and materials used by your  contractor has a big impact on the overall quality of your home. That’s why it is important to work with a reputable, professional contractor—someone  who doesn’t take shortcuts or compromise by choosing inferior products and  materials. From construction materials to mechanical systems to finishing products, the marketplace offers a tremendous range of choices. Professional contractors carefully consider and balance many different factors to make sure  that homeowners get the best overall possible value.


There are standards for many products used in home  construction. Some are mandatory and may be referenced in building codes, others are voluntary. Manufacturers of quality products ensure their products are tested and certified regardless, so contractors and their clients know what they are getting.

The reassurance of brand names

Manufacturers of brand name products invest significantly in quality. They do ongoing research and development to bring new, improved products to the market. They stand behind their products with a warranty and after-sales service. As well, they offer training and technical assistance to contractors. That’s a lot of reassurance.

The “green factor”

Many products claim to offer some kind of environmental benefit. Professional contractors look behind the claim for solid, verifiable information that you are getting what you expect.


Quality comes at many price levels. Contractors are always on the lookout for products that offer homeowners the performance and style they want, at a price that fits comfortably within their budget.

Other factors

• how a product is manufactured

• where it is manufactured

• how easy it is to obtain

• how easy it is to install

• how well it performs

• how long it will last

• how easy it is to maintain, service and repair

• compatibility with other products

• scope of the warranty

• aesthetics—is it well designed and attractive?

• is it the right product for the purpose?

This backgrounder has been prepared by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

New Homes Month is sponsored by Genworth Financial Canada and the Canadian Home Warranty Council.